Geotechnical & Earthworks Enhancements

QTS is a specialist in earthworks and geotechnical works, and has invested heavily in plant, equipment and training to provide the capability to execute large scale contracts.  We specialise in complex projects with difficult site conditions and constraints.

Earthworks and geotechnical services include:

  • Rockfall prevention systems
  • Rock anchoring
  • Debris flow barriers
  • Catch fences
  • Erosion protection systems
  • Soil nailing
  • Embankment and cutting stabilisation works (Rock Cutting)
  • Land slip remediation
  • Slope drainage systems

All works are undertaken in compliance with Network Rail standards and procedures and in line with the relevant project specific deliverables detailed in the contract documentation.

Our CEM, CRE’s and Construction Management teams are approved to complete and sign the appropriate certification to allow assets to be taken back into use and also for checking gauging and clearance issues, associated with the safe passage of trains.




Collaborative Working

QTS, as a company and most particularly within their RCDP Framework in Scotland, has embraced collaborative working principles.  Five full time members of staff from Network Rail o work on site with the QTS team and share a custom built office space at Drumclog, with dedicated technology that allows the team to file share. Having a joint client / contractor team approach on the numerous projects within the RCDP framework has already lead to efficiencies, savings and increased quality.

Innovation : Catch Fence System

Catch fences are conventionally produced by suppliers using proprietary systems, which are on a long lead-in and very costly. In partnership with Network Rail and our design consultant, QTS developed a catch fence system utilising products readily available that are commonly used for standard implementation works. Extensive field trials were undertaken to demonstrate the effectiveness of this light weight catch fence in place of significant volumes of rockfall netting.

The system has now been implemented in numerous locations, both for temporary and permanent works purposes, generating savings over 75% compared to traditional products. Network Rail are pursuing the inclusion of this catch fence in their suite of standard details.

Case Studies

  • Mulben - Image 1 Mulben - Image 2


    Earthworks Enhancements Case Study

    Mulben slope on the Aberdeen to Inverness line near Keith is a 45m high soil slope which has caused Network Rail problems for...

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  • Bishopton East Soil Cutting - Image 1 Bishopton East Soil Cutting - Image 2

    Bishopton East Soil Cutting

    Earthworks Enhancements Case Study

    At Bishopton East, both Up and Down sides of the cutting were exhibiting historical problems which had the potential for furt...

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  • Inveresk Soil Cutting - Image 1 Inveresk Soil Cutting - Image 2

    Inveresk Soil Cutting

    Earthworks Enhancements Case Study

    A soil cutting at Inveresk had been subjected to extensive rabbit infestation for a number of years, resulting in multiple sm...

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  • Bishopton West Rock Cutting - Image 1 Bishopton West Rock Cutting - Image 2

    Bishopton West Rock Cutting

    Geotechnical Case Study

    QTS have been delivering solutions to Network Rail in Scotland since 2005.  At Bishopton, the use of disruptive access and de...

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  • East Coast Rock Cuttings 2015/16 - Image 1 East Coast Rock Cuttings 2015/16 - Image 2

    East Coast Rock Cuttings 2015/16

    Geotechnical Case Study

    A total of 32 slopes spread over 9 sites and 12 miles make up this extensive project.  Delivered over 35 weeks, this project...

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