LNE GNGE Route Clearance

Vegetation Management Case Study

The works themselves form part of the Great Northern/Great Eastern (GNGE) Project, which is a £280 million programme of essential renewals on the line from Peterborough to Doncaster via Spalding, Sleaford and Lincoln.  Works include the renewal of over 80 miles track and associated infrastructure such as signaling, level crossings and bridges.  The replacement of jointed track with new continuously welded rail to help manage the environmental impact from passing freight and passenger traffic. Vegetation had to be removed in order to create a safe environment for civil engineering operatives to wait whilst trains pass. For sections of track where trains travel at over 60mph a five metre clearance had to be achieved. Additional works included Level Crossing clearances, Signal Clearances, Embankment Clearances, troughing routes and drainage ditch clearances.

Working mainly within dayshifts from approved third party access points and within Safeguarded Possessions. Protection Controllers (PCs) were also on duty throughout providing Line Blockages at short notice. Our Safety Critical staff signed in with the PCs daily.

Key Issues:

  • Working within Carillion’s significant guidelines when operating plant adjacent to open lines.
  • The ALO Working for this project was adapted specifically to meet the requirements set out by the GNGE Project team.
  • Works had to be agreed with third party landowners so the crops were not damaged.
  • Ecological Constraints.
  • Supervisors attended a Supervisors Leadership Training Course which was a residential course lasting five days as well as attending weekly safety briefings.
LNE GNGE Route Clearance - Image 1 LNE GNGE Route Clearance - Image 2
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