Specialised Rail Fleet

QTS own and operate a large and varied plant fleet with many of our vehicles being uniquely adapted for road-rail use.

Our plant fleet is maintained and supported by a team of expert mechanical engineers based at our main workshops at our headquarters in Lanarkshire. Wherever our machines are working we are able to provide a 24-7 rapid response call out facility, our mobile fitters are well equipped to fix anything from a burst pipe to welding repairs.

RRV Multicar Crew-Cab Tipper Pick-Up

Specialised Rail

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The RRV Multicar is the ideal, light weight road / rail transporter that can take operatives and tools to and from sites. As our contracts see us working over the entire UK Rail Network, some of the sites are miles from the access points. The Crew-Cab is the perfect piece of plant to combat the problem of distance.

Mega Crane

Specialised Rail

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A machine with unrivalled lifting & reach capabilities. The unit is able to drive direct to site carrying all the equipment it needs to do the job.

The truck has been built to –

  • Conduct long reach tree felling duties with a maximum reach of 28m and is able to lift 810kg at that distance.
  • It will carry 2 grapple saws a 350mm capacity saw for max distance work and a 500mm capacity saw for the bigger sections closer to the truck.   
  • Conduct lifting task for working on OLE etc, all lifting equipment is carried within the truck.
  • Tow rail trailers with a 40tonne payload over 2 trailers.
  • Carrie 5 personnel to and from site when on rail.

Rexquote Genie MEWP Z6-/34

Specialised Rail

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The Rexquote Genie MEWP is one of our most robust Access Platforms that can be operated remotely and directly from the basket. These can work on road and rail. The Genie is one of the safest MEWPs in operation on the UK Rail Infrastructure and QTS operate 2 of these.

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