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QTS Environmental management


QTS group is passionate about the environment, and we are committed to increasing our sustainability as a business. We always aim to minimise environmental impacts and to minimise waste.

The effects of climate change are becoming increasingly visible and so QTS has a dedicated team of environmental staff working on the day-to-day impacts on the environment from operations but also on big picture projects to ensure a sustainable future for the company.


QTS Environmental management app

Our vegetation team is constantly working amongst various species of plants so, the QTS environmental team researched available apps that would aid them in identifying different plant species. After trialling options, the ‘PictureThis’ app was identified as the most reliable and accurate, with a very easy user interface to make it accessible for all. This app will greatly help site operatives quickly and accurately identify plant species when looking for  invasive/protected species while carrying out work.  A detailed help guide for using the app has been designed by the environmental team to ensure that when operatives are working, they can effectively manage vegetation without putting any risk to the surrounding biodiversity.

QTS Peatbog

The QTS headquarters at Rench Farm, Drumclog, has a 30Ha peatbog within the property. When the land was originally purchased the peatbog was not in good condition. In 2014, QTS was granted a Green Stimulus Peatland Restoration Fund by the Scottish Natural Heritage. We used this to start phase 1 of restoring our peatland. We made a series or drainage ditches and dams to help improve the condition and make a solid foundation on which to build further work on. Now, we are starting the application process for a new round of funding to start further restoration. This peatbog is also being developed in the hopes of using it as a carbon offset for the company to try and neutralise our carbon footprint.

QTS Vehicles

Fuel use contributes to 90% of QTS’s energy production and so provides more opportunity to make changes to reduce our carbon footprint. QTS currently have an ever-growing fleet of electric vehicles as well as fast-charging stations at all of our offices. Tests of 4×4’s are also underway as well as the additions of more chargers to help make this an attractive alternative to diesel/petrol vehicles. With the advancement in the vehicles being made we are getting closer to the goal of replacing our whole fleet and with the possibility of one day being able to replace our plant as well.

QTS Bee Project

Biodiversity is an important issue for QTS, and we aim to always help to improve biodiversity on our work sites. The railway lineside provides an excellent habitat for pollinators, with a little help, and so QTS stared the Bumble Bee Project. While on site we have been selecting appropriate site to install bumble bee hives and introducing a small colony to the habitat. Further to this where possible we will swap out our grass seed for wildflower and clover seed to make a more desirable habitat for them and a greater chance for them to spread and create new colonies in the surrounding areas.

QTS Alternative Energy Sources

QTS know the way forward is to embrace the use of renewable energy sources to power our operations. With this in mind we currently have all of our offices and depots running on green tariffs as well as harnessing solar power at our main HQ via a 50kw solar array on site. We look to expand this to a greater capacity as well as utilise this power source at our other offices. The environmental team are also currently in the process of researching other energy sources and have some projects in the pipeline that could revolutionise the way QTS use energy.

QTS Environmental management