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QTS Manchester tactiles

Manchester Piccadilly Staton

Working on behalf of Story Contracting, QTS installed 600 linear metres of surface mounted drilled tactile studs at Manchester Piccadilly Station.
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QTS Nexus


Nexus commissioned the installation of a new Nexus Learning Centre (NLC), located on the old South Shields sidings, to enable personnel training on Nexus Rail infrastructure and rolling stock.
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QTS Cowie embankment

Stirling – Dunblane – Alloa

REL were engaged by Costain, under the banner of ABC, to deliver all the works associated with OLE installation route-wide between Alloa to Stirling via Dunblane.
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QTS Bury st Edmunds

Bury St Edmunds

QTS were asked by Network Rail Ely Delivery Unit to supply specialist RRV units to deal with problematic vegetation during a blockade in Bury St Edmunds over the August Bank Holiday weekend.
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QTS Rothbury Terrace

Rothbury Terrace

This site, situated on the ECM5 downside, was a particular target for trespass. With a Network Rail depot on the other side of the fence, the client was seeing an increase in young people breaking through and vandalising carriages.
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QTS Newcastle United Football Club

Newcastle United Football Club

This job had to be completed out with a very short window of time – after the football season ended and before the pre-season training began, leaving only a 5 week period in which we had access to carry out the job.
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QTS National Fencing Framework

National Fencing Framework

QTS is a National Fencing Framework contractor, having delivered in excess of 750,000m fencing to date. We manage projects from inception to completion in collaboration with Network Rail, including all key stakeholders (e.g. landowners, statutory bodies, lineside neighbours).
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QTS Poole Station

Poole Station

Essential drainage rehabilitation works within Poole Station and Poole Sidings, were carried out on behalf Network Rail.
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QTS Hatton Crest

Hatton Crest

QTS was awarded this remit to install 1300 yards of crest ditch to catch all surface water for third party land and divert away from the large embankments of the DCL line.
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QTS Lynebeg


QTS was brought in by Network Rail on behalf of Transport Scotland to carry out construction of a new pond, preserving the ecology of the site at Lynebeg in the Scottish Highlands.
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QTS Swainsley


The project included 4nr rock cutting 5ch lengths (2nr renewals & 2nr refurbishment) and involved 3,200m2 of active rock netting and 580nr anchors to be completed in March 2022 utilising possessions and green zone working behind vortok fencing.
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QTS Culgaith


Our teams recently took on emergency works in Culgaith to remove vegetation and ensure the safety of the embankment, making use of both QTS’ own plant and locally sourced materials.
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QTS Holyrood Park

Holyrood Park

The primary scope of the project was to install 200 metres of rockfall barriers at Holyrood Park, with additional works that consisted of vegetation removal, light scaling, inspection, and the installation of block stabilisation measures. Works were completed in April 2022.
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QTS Armathwaite


In February 2021, our team was commissioned to attend a site visit with NR Asset Team to an embankment showing signs of movement where a 20mph ESR was in place.
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QTS Achnasheen


QTS were tasked by Network rail to refurbish both sides of the embankments to increase resilience against scour by installing stone rock armour.
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QTS Reactive works

Reactive Works, West Coast Mainline

Following an incident on the West Coast Mainline on the 20th July 2022, QTS received a call from the Euston Works Delivery Unit to deal with an emergency tree removal operation.
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