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Forward thinking and innovative, the QTS teams work across the UK and are committed to supporting the communities in which we impact – creating positive legacies and destinations for those who live within them.

QTS Social value

QTS Group defines social value as:

Creating a lasting positive, social, local and environmental impact through the way that we choose to act and operate as a business.

QTS is proud to be the first dedicated rail company in the UK to receive the silver Social Value Quality Mark (SVQM). To achieve this accreditation, we completed a lengthy audit process and have made a series of pledges in line with the nine social themes aligned to the National TOMS Framework (2019) and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Our impact

In 2022, our social value impact was independently verified by Social Value Business and our social and local value was estimated to be £164.5m – unlocking an additional 0.72p for every £1 of turnover. Our team is passionate about further increasing our positive impact on society throughout each of the frameworks we are a part of across the UK.

We have worked with hundreds of charities and community groups, promoting mental health initiatives, building playgrounds, educating young minds and making STEM activities exciting. We have volunteered at soup kitchens, raised money for cancer charities, built sensory gardens and sponsored youth athletes.

QTS Social value
QTS Alternative Energy Sources


We have launched environmentally friendly programs at our offices and depots in our pledge to go carbon neutral and we have worked with our supply chain to have a positive impact on the economy.

We are committed to ensuring that we leave a positive legacy behind for our staff and the communities we impact. Social value remains at the heart of our business, helping us to deliver change for the better.

We have been in partnership with QTS since the end of 2019 and they have been a terrific community partner for us. The team are always willing to roll up their sleeves and help with our charity initiatives. We are proud to be associated with QTS and thank them for their time and their generosity, which helps the children and families of Merseyside who need it most.

Stephen YipMBE and founder and Chief Executive of KIND