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QTS Tactiles

QTS is the only UK approved supplier of surface mounted drilled tactile studs, a fantastic alternative to traditional tactile pavers.

These drilled studs provide a tactile surface that can be felt underfoot and recognised as a warning of impending pedestrian hazard, particularly to the visually impaired, but also as an added safety precaution to all pedestrians on platform edges, road crossings and at the top and bottom of stairs.

QTS owns and operates two specialised tactile drill rigs which are powered by 10kva generators, which allows us the ability to install 12-15 linear metres per hour, which is around 90 studs per linear meter. Operatives measure the correct distance the tactiles should be from the platform edge, then put 30m guide rails out for the Tactile Drill Rig to run along. The Tactile Drill Rig is a QTS developed machine that simultaneously drills six holes approximately 30mm into the platform surface, which can be asphalt, mastic asphalt or concrete.

These tactile indicators are designed to be installed without the need for any adhesive. The Lock Stud can withstand up to 80Kg of vertical pull out force and meets the all slip resistance requirements. The key benefits of these tactiles include:

  • Eliminates the effect of frost heave damage, as once the indicators are installed into the substrate they move with the ground during periods of freezing and thawing
  • Works can be carried out in all weathers (wind, rain, damp, frost) with the exception of heavy snow. This improves efficiencies on site and negates any cancelled shifts using the adhesive type products on the market
  • Removes trip hazards common with traditional tactile pavers
  • Capable of withstanding great pressure
  • Ability to be power washed and our test pads have proven they are unaffected by seven tonne trucks manoeuvring and parking on them regularly
  • Designed to be installed without the need for adhesive
  • The stud can withstand up to 80kg of vertical pull-out force and meets all slip resistance requirements
  • In Australia, over 4million studs have been installed with less than 1% failing



QTS Manchester tactiles

Manchester Piccadilly Staton

Working on behalf of Story Contracting, QTS installed 600 linear metres of surface mounted drilled tactile studs at Manchester Piccadilly Station.
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