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Specialist Plant

QTS Specialist Plant Fleet

RRV Plant Hire & Other Rail Maintenance

QTS has one of the largest specialised RRV plant fleet in the UK. The fleet provides services to QTS contracting operations and also provides external hires to Network Rail and other rail contractors on an operated basis. The plant fleet incorporates RRV’s with the ability to travel on-track, travel and operate under live OLE. This can dramatically reduce the cost of maintenance activities and increase productivity in possessions.

The fleet includes numerous bespoke items of equipment. The fleet is maintained and supported nationwide by our in-house team of mechanical & electrical engineers. Our engineering support department is able to provide a 24-7 rapid response facility, our mobile fitters are equipped to work on anything from a burst pipes to mechanical & electrical repairs. QTS is a contractor on the National RRV Framework and has Preferred Supplier status for Scotland.

Plant Hire services include:

  • RRV Excavator (light/medium and heavy lifters)
  • RRV Unimogs for chipping and other for shunting
  • RRV Vactor/Drain Jetting
  • RRV MEWP’s (Mobile Elevated Working Platform)
  • RRV High-Capacity Cranes
  • RRV Long Reach Tree Felling Heads
  • RRV Long Reach Drill Units
  • RRV Forwarder complete with MegaChipper
  • RRV Trailers & Trolleys for rail moving, etc
  • Remote controlled off-track chippers

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