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Currently the survey dept can cover the following works (but not limited to):

  • Topographical Survey Works
  • Site Setting Out
  • Track Monitoring Works
  • Asbuilt Surveys
  • Laser Scanning Works
  • Drone Survey Works – LiDAR/Photogrammetry
QTS Surveying drone

Case Studies


QTS Spey Viaduct

ANI2 Spey Viaduct

As part of a GI/SI contract we were asked to undertake by AMCO in 2018. We had a requirement to carry out a topo survey of Spey (Orton) Viaduct on the ANI2 lines.
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QTS Cowie Embankment

Cowie Embankment

As part of our CP6 Year 4 works we were required to carry out a survey at a site called Cowie - SCM3 115 miles 0660 yards to 115 miles 1540 yards.
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