Excavators & Cranes

Rail Mounted Takeuchi 135

Excavators & Cranes

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The Rail mounted, Rubber Tracked Takeuchi TB250 is certified for under line working. These 6 tonne mini excavators are the only two of their kind in the UK, and QTS own them both. They are ideal for the installation of Wet Beds, Cable Burying, Drainage and Level Crossing Works.

RRV Liebherr 900

Excavators & Cranes

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We have two RRV Liebherr’s in our impressive fleet. These are popular within the UK rail infrastructure and their excavating capabilities are highly sought after. The Liebherr is also compatible with the mountable drilling rig.

RRV Doosan 260

Excavators & Cranes

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We currently have 7 RRV Doosan’s in our fleet. These are some of the most impressive RRV units we have available for hire. They are widely recognised as one of the best machines on the UK Rail Infrastructure.

RRV Atlas 1604

Excavators & Cranes

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The RRV Atlas 1604 is one of the most powerful excavators in our fleet. We have two available for hire.

RRV Colmar 4300

Excavators & Cranes

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One of the most reliable and robust RRV excavators/cranes on the UK Rail Infrastructure, QTS possess two that are constantly in demand from our clients. The 4300 is one of the safest and most favoured machines and having 3 at our disposal allows us to meet the demand for a reliable RRV with great lifting capabilities.

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