Jetters & Vactors

Atego Vactor

Jetters & Vactors

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QTS Group are proud to announce delivery of our new De-Mountable Road Rail JetNac Unit. This unit is available for hire across the UK. Both the lorry and the Jet/Vac module are certified to RIS-1530-PLT

Rail Boss Vactor

Jetters & Vactors

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The Rail Boss is a Multi-Functional machine that can be adapted as and when required. We have 2 of these in our fleet. This model has been fitted with a Vactor / Jetter system, similar to the one adapted on the RRV 1650 Unimog. These are incredibly powerful and the adaptability of the Rail Boss has led to this becoming one of our key pieces of plant in our rail fleet.

Scania Recycler

Jetters & Vactors

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The Scania Recycler is the largest Vactor unit we have in our drainage fleet. Due to its size and capacity, it is understandably a very popular piece of plant. It is very rarely not at work on sites nationwide.

CCTV Drainage Units

Jetters & Vactors

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Our CCTV vans are crucial to ensure that we can quickly diagnose and repair numerous drainage issues, concerning blockages in small pipes to breakages, leaks and cracks. The CCTV van allows us to document our findings and clearing present these to our clients.

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