Vegetation Fleet

The company owns and operates its own fleet of vegetation management plant, attachments & other machinery.

A number of these are RRV’s which are first of type and which have been developed by QTS and licensed for use by Network Rail’s Product Acceptance team. The fleet incorporates several RRV’s with the ability to on-track, travel and operate under live OHLE. This can dramatically reduce the cost of maintenance activities and increase productivity in possessions.

Mega Chipper V2

Vegetation Fleet

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Our newest, pioneering addition to our vegetation fleet is the 460hp Mega Chipper V2. This fully automated, rail mounted chipper is so powerful it can chip a 600mm diameter tree in just 10 seconds. This bespoke piece of kit, which is an upgraded version of our world first machine, the Mega Chipper, features a personnel carrier for up to four operatives, SMS remote fault reporting and a more concise blade configuration, helping the machine to run smoother

QTS Mega Chipper V1

Vegetation Fleet

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This fully automated chipper is fully remote controlled, and can be towed on line by an RRV excavator. Equipped with a Woodsman 27” capacity chipper with self-feeding conveyer capable of operating free on wheels at 35 degrees, powered by a 7.0l 300hp caterpillar power plant.

Vegetation Compactor

Vegetation Fleet

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The QTS Vegetation Compactor is the only one of its kind working on the UK rail infrastructure.

Key features include:

  • Increased capacity, 10 times more over older methods
  • Increased possession efficiency by processing materials off site
  • Reduced man power over older methods
  • Reduced risk to personnel due to mechanisation
  • Reduced impact and disturbance to wildlife
  • Contributes to meeting both Network Rail sustainability & national climate change reduction targets


Vegetation Fleet

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QTS has identified an opportunity to adapt the well proven technology used in Forestry Management within the UK rail industry to create a rail mounted Baler.

This powerful compactor and its fast-rotating bundling system ensure a continuous bundling process. If required, the bundles can be left safely in the lineside environment, creating a natural habitat for local nature.

It has a capacity of 10-30 bale bundles per hour, with each bale weighing up to 500kg. It has an independent operating system, which features a 7” touchscreen colour display ensures a fully automated operation.

RRV 8-Wheel Forwarder

Vegetation Fleet

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The RRV 8 Wheel Drive Forwarder is complete with 24” Chipper. This is the only one of its kind in the world! Due to overwhelming demand, we are developing another 4 to add to our fleet.

RRV Unimog U400

Vegetation Fleet

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We have 4 Unimog U400 in our fleet. These are the latest U400 model and have been fitted with the largest chip cages available on the UK Rail Infrastructure and a powerful 12” front mounted chipper and 3-way tipping cage. These Unimog’s are great for large de-vegetation works.

RRV Unimog 1400

Vegetation Fleet

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The 1400 is equipped with a rear mounted 12” chipper and has a large capacity 3-way tipping cage. We currently have 7 in our fleet.

RRV Unimog 1650 – Crew Cab

Vegetation Fleet

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These are very rare on the UK Rail infrastructure and QTS currently operate. They have same capabilities as the 1650, with the added advantage that the crew cab can carry up to 8 operatives. These are particularly useful for manned de-vegetation works, as they can work while transporting operatives to and from the work site. Again these can be fitted with front / rear mounted chippers and they have a 3-way tipping cage.

RRV Unimog 1650 (with Flail)

Vegetation Fleet

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The Unimog 1650 is one of the most adaptable Unimog’s within our fleet. We currently have 3 in operation and they can be fitted with a 7.5 metre, heavy duty flail to the rear, front and rear mounted chippers and they are equipped to carry 3-way tipping chip cages.

RRV Atlas 1604 (with Mulching Head)

Vegetation Fleet

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We have 2 Atlas 1604’s on our fleet and they are amongst our most popular excavators. These can be adapted for de-vegetation works as they can be fitted with a Heavy Duty Mulching head.

GreenMech Tracked Chipper

Vegetation Fleet

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The GreenMech tracked chippers are revolutionary pieces of kit that stand our Vegetation fleet apart from all of our competitors. We currently have 12 in operation and we plan to expand, as these are great additions to our work sites. Their tracks allow them to easily move over rough terrain and they can be operated safely by two operatives.

Tracked Post Knocker

Vegetation Fleet

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Our fleet of Tracked Post Knockers are use to chap our timber posts in place in an even manor to ensure the fences installed are accurate and even. These drastically reduce labour needs and increase efficiency.

Hagglund UTUV Utility Vehicle

Vegetation Fleet

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The Hagglund can carry 16 people to site and it’s also used to transport fencing materials to site. The off road capabilities make it the ideal vehicle for transporting people and materials across rough and uneven terrain.

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