Drainage & Track Cleaning

QTS owns, operates and maintains the largest fleet of on-track, bespoke drainage plant in the UK. Our operatives are part of a skilled drainage team, who are proud of the work they carry out and will go the extra mile to ensure full client confidence.

Our fleet of RRV Jet/Vac’s are operated by trained, experienced and certificated drainage operatives who ensure any issues are solved. They are solution-driven, finding answers to problems including culverts, catch pits or blocked drainage systems.

QTS has a range of CCTV investigation equipment including our scanprobe push-rod systems to Proteus Minicam tractor driven units, which are capable of surveying culverts up to 3 meters in diameter.

From this, QTS can provide the client with a full report including images and drawings of the drainage system by OS19x trained operatives. If there are any minor breaks in the pipeline, QTS save on expensive excavation costs by patch lining the area of concern. Our team is able to carry out this work quickly and effectively which makes our work the perfect ‘no dig’ solution.

QTS Drainage also offers a complete package on track cleaning. Our bespoke Jetting units can be fitted with a high-pressure jetting lances with a series of 40mm jets, suitable for carrying out cleaning of slab track, removing dirt, silt and debris and improving the slab condition. After disinfection this allows access for sanitary slab track maintenance.

We also have a fleet of portable hot wash / steam / cold water jetting units that are used for clearing all drainage issues as well as cleaning track on platforms throughout the country, we have dedicated teams who carry out these works to an exceptionally high standard.

At present, QTS is the only Tier 1 contractor on the National Drainage Framework and we currently have the largest geographic coverage and market share for CCTV and Jet/Vac works on UK rail infrastructure. Services include: 

  • CCTV survey and reporting
  • Drain inspection and clearance(on & off track)
  • Culvert inspection and clearance
  • Civils pipe repairs
  • Patch lining
  • Slab track cleaning (sanitisation)
  • Graffiti removal
  • Topographic & drone drainage surveys​

Take a look at some of what we can do here:

Case Studies

  • Hatton Crest - Image 1 Hatton Crest - Image 2

    Hatton Crest

    Drainage Case Study

    QTS was awarded this remit to install 1300 yards of crest ditch to catch all surface water for third party land and divert aw...

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  • Poole Station - Image 1 Poole Station - Image 2

    Poole Station

    Drainage Case Study

    Essential drainage rehabilitation works within Poole Station and Poole Sidings, were carried out on behalf Network Rail. The...

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  • Lochailort - Image 1 Lochailort - Image 2


    Drainage Case Study

    In June 2020, an extreme flash flooding event severely damaged several sections of embankment and an adjacent property in the...

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  • Doveholes Tunnel - Image 1 Doveholes Tunnel - Image 2

    Doveholes Tunnel

    Drainage Case Study

    This Scheme is located near Buxton and consist of a 900m section of tunnel which has suffered from extensive drainage issues...

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  • Patrick Street Greenock - Image 1 Patrick Street Greenock - Image 2

    Patrick Street Greenock

    Drainage Case Study

    QTS were contacted by Scottish Water to an emergency in Aug 2011 to a blocked sewer which was flooding gardens in the Patrick...

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