Poole Station

Essential drainage rehabilitation works within Poole Station and Poole Sidings, were carried out on behalf Network Rail.

QTS Poole Station

Poole Station

The scope of works included using RRU31 Unimog Jet/Vac, 312 Recycler and CCTV to de-silt the 6-foot drainage system, locate the system outfall and CCTV survey within Poole Station platforms.

RRE 21 Liebherr 900 RRV, Vac Box was used to remove wet beds and expose a contaminated and blocked carrier pipe within the shunt neck in Poole Sidings. The carrier pipe was reinstated with new pipe bedding and ballast before the system was cleansed using RRU31 Unimog Jet/Vac.

All contaminated wet waste was removed from site by the QTS 312 Recycler.


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