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Geotechnical & Earthworks Enhancements

QTS is a specialist in earthworks and geotechnical works, and has invested heavily in plant, equipment and training to provide the capability to execute large scale contracts. We specialise in complex projects with difficult site conditions and constraints.

Earthworks and geotechnical services include:

Rockfall prevention systems, Rock anchoring, Debris flow barriers
Catch fences, Erosion protection systems, Soil nailing, Embankment and cutting stabilisation works (Rock Cutting), Land slip remediation, Slope drainage systems

All works are undertaken in compliance with Network Rail standards and procedures and in line with the relevant project specific deliverables detailed in the contract documentation.

Our CEM, CRE’s and Construction Management teams are approved to complete and sign the appropriate certification to allow assets to be taken back into use and also for checking gauging and clearance issues, associated with the safe passage of trains.

QTS Geotechnical and earthworks civil engineering

Case Studies


QTS Holyrood Park

Holyrood Park

The primary scope of the project was to install 200 metres of rockfall barriers at Holyrood Park, with additional works that consisted of vegetation removal, light scaling, inspection, and the installation of block stabilisation measures. Works were completed in April 2022.
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QTS Armathwaite


In February 2021, our team was commissioned to attend a site visit with NR Asset Team to an embankment showing signs of movement where a 20mph ESR was in place.
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QTS Achnasheen


QTS were tasked by Network rail to refurbish both sides of the embankments to increase resilience against scour by installing stone rock armour.
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