Holyrood Park

The primary scope of the project was to install 200 metres of rockfall barriers at Holyrood Park, with additional works that consisted of vegetation removal, light scaling, inspection, and the installation of block stabilisation measures. Works were completed in April 2022.

QTS Holyrood Park

Holyrood Park

To successfully execute the project, the following strategies were implemented:

  • Thorough project planning: Detailed planning was conducted to ensure all aspects of the project, including logistics, resource allocation, and risk management, were adequately addressed.
  • Robust project management: A dedicated project manager oversaw the entire construction process, ensuring effective coordination, adherence to project programme ad milestones, and efficient utilisation of in-house resources.
  • Safety-first approach: Safety protocols and procedures were strictly followed throughout the project duration. Regular safety inspections and audits were conducted to identify and mitigate potential hazards promptly.
  • Stakeholder engagement: Continuous engagement and effective communication with the client, design consultant partner, and relevant stakeholders ensured clarity of expectations and streamlined decision-making processes.

The project was completed with zero incidents or accidents during the installation of rockfall barriers by our in-house IRATA operatives. There was minimal disruption to public activities and tourist experiences due to careful planning, coordination, and clear communication and close collaboration with Historic Environment Scotland and Fairhurst ensured the preservation of the historical significance of the site.


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