Manchester Piccadilly Staton

Working on behalf of Story Contracting, QTS installed 600 linear metres of surface mounted drilled tactile studs at Manchester Piccadilly Station.

QTS Manchester tactiles


Operatives measure the correct distance the tactiles should be from the platform edge, then put 30m guide rails out for the Tactile Drill Rig to run along.

The Tactile Drill Rig is a QTS developed machine that simultaneously drills six holes approximately 30ml into the platform surface, which can be asphalt, mastic asphalt or concrete.

To create consistency in the tactile spacing, the drill rig runs along the guide rails, which prevents it from deviating from the set spacing.

On completion of the drilling, an operative follows behind with a wet/dry industrial vacuum which sucks away debris out of the holes to allow the tactile studs to be inserted manually. Then, each tactile stud is placed manually and inserted using rubber mallets.

QTS owns and operates two tactile drill rigs which are powered by 10kva generators. The QTS team is able to install 12-15 linear metres per hour, which is around 90 studs per linear meter. The presence of raised tactiles is very important as they are used to warn visually impaired people about the proximity to the platform edge. These drilled tactile studs can be installed in all weather conditions, which helps to increase efficiencies as it negates the risk of cancelled shifts due to rain fall.

It also removes trip hazards common with traditional tactile pavers. At completion, 64,000 studs were installed by our specialist team, the only UK approved installers of surface mounted drilled tactile studs.

QTS Manchester tactiles


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