Reactive Works, West Coast Mainline

QTS Reactive works
QTS Reactive works

Following an incident on the West Coast Mainline on the 20th July 2022, QTS received a call from the Euston Works Delivery Unit to deal with an emergency tree removal operation.

A 100ft poplar tree from third party line had fallen, bringing down overheard powerlines which started a major lineside fire which also impacted 10 neighbouring properties. This fallen tree also resulted in all six lines north of Euston being blocked.

Following the call at 1500, a team and required RRVs were mobilised by 1530 and by 2000 hours, the team and resources were on site. By 2200 hours, the removal of the tree was in progress.

The QTS team arranged a suitable method of removing the standing tree alongside Network Rail’s mobile operations manager and overhead teams, with the Network Rail team moved the overhead wires to allow the remaining standing tree to be safely felled.

By 0400 hours on the Thursday morning, the standing tree and relevant timber had been safely removed from site, allowing Network Rail access to fix the damaged overhead infrastructure.

Utilising a specialised MEWP and a 360 Doosan, QTS worked in partnership with our supply chain and our client to undertake these emergency works undertaken without further damage to the infrastructure.


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