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The QTS Group has announced that it will give all staff the opportunity to take part in cancer screening as part of its annual health surveillance.

The programme, which will be optional for staff across the UK, will allow private screening for Prostate, Bowel and Ovarian cancer, with this proactive intention towards healthcare helping to provide peace of mind.

QTS is committed to the health and safety of our employees across the board, not only when they are working for us, either operationally or as support services, but to ensure it also encompasses physical health outside of work too.

We are all too aware of the current pressures that the NHS is under, and it is important to us that our staff have the opportunity to be tested privately for these cancers if they are feeling worried or experiencing symptoms.

We are proud to be one of the first contractors in the railway to offer this service and hopefully others will take our lead and introduce it for their staff too.

Alan McLeishManaging Director of QTS
QTS Cancer screening for staff

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