Civil Engineering

Through successfully winning established national Civils frameworks, we have developed a skilled, dedicated and dynamic workforce led by experienced project management teams. This, coupled with the support of key supply chain partners, allows us to ensure the successful delivery of our planned and reactive workbank portfolio.

Our expertise extends from project inception through to completion, which ensures that our early contractor’s involvement leads to buildable, efficient and maintainable solutions promoting safety by design.

Our value engineering, collaborative and ‘best for project’ ethos is at the heart of every project we deliver. With our intrinsic site knowledge and delivery expertise, we strive to develop solutions based on performance specification rather than theoretical calculations. This approach allows us to develop optimal and innovative designs tailored to the specific site conditions and avoids over-engineering.

Our extensive experience, detailed understanding of stakeholder’s expectations and extensive specialist plant fleet, gives our project management and delivery teams the opportunity to devise unique methodologies minimising reliance on possessions without compromising safety of the operational railway.

With in-house quality assurance (including CEM’s and CRE’s), HSQE, possession planning, safety critical and isolation personnel, supplemented by a specialist workforce (e.g. IRATA), we can plan and implement all aspects of project delivery without relying on external sources.

Due to the varying nature of our contracts from large multidisciplinary and complex schemes (e.g. RCDF IP earthworks and coastal defences Scotland) to extensive portfolios of smaller items (as demonstrated through our various Civils maintenance contracts nationally), our delivery teams are extremely versatile, and can tailor our delivery approach to meet our Client-specific requirements and expectations. Despite different delivery strategies, our entire workforce is fully engaged in our safety commitment and initiatives, which ensures we deliver a consistent approach throughout QTS.

Our core Civils disciplines include:

  • Geotechnical and earthworks expertise:
    • Rock cuttings works (anchoring, bolting, netting systems)
    • Catch fences
    • Debris flow barriers
    • Rockfall prevention system
    • Soil cuttings and embankment remedial works
    • Soil nailing; and
    • Drainage improvements
  • Drainage and culvert clearance / surveys and associated remedial works
  • Scour repairs
  • Retaining wall construction
  • Masonry and structural repairs
  • Bridge refurbishment
  • Various ancillary civils works
  • Safety / asset condition inspections

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Maintenance (Minor Works)

Maintenance (Minor Works)

Since January 2013, QTS have delivered services under Route Minor Works contracts for Network Rail Works Delivery Units.  QTS are currently engaged in Minor Works contracts in LNE & East Mids, LNW, Anglia and Western...

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Geotechnical & Earthworks Enhancements

Geotechnical & Earthworks Enhancements

QTS is a specialist in earthworks and geotechnical works, and has invested heavily in plant, equipment and training to provide the capability to execute large scale contracts...

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Specialised Projects

Specialised Projects

As specialists in our field, we often accept some more challenging civil engineering contracts...

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