Vegetation Management

QTS is one of the leading contractors in vegetation management and provides an extensive range of vegetation services across the UK rail infrastructure. In addition to this, QTS offer the same services to local authorities and other private and public landowners, including the Forestry Commission.

The QTS vegetation department has a full complement of personnel, including fully qualified chainsaw operatives, climbers, Road Rail Vehicle (RRV) operatives, rope access technicians, possession planners and designers.

 The company owns, operates and maintains its own fleet of vegetation management plant, attachments and other machinery. A number of these are bespoke RRV’s, which have been developed by QTS and licensed for use by Network Rail’s Product Acceptance team. The fleet incorporates several RRV’s with the ability to on-track, travel and operate under live Overhead Line Equipment (OHLE). This can dramatically reduce the cost of maintenance activities and increase productivity during possessions.

 Our bespoke machinery is designed and developed by our engineers and makes the QTS specialist vegetation plant fleet one of the largest in the UK.

 Our vegetation services include:

  • Maintenance of lineside vegetation
  • Maintenance and clearance – in and around structures, track, signals and level crossings
  • Autumn mitigation (leaf-fall) site clearance works
  • Overhead Line Equipment (OHLE) - leaf clearance
  • Signal sight line creation
  • Felling, pruning, stump treatment, crown reduction, dealing with hazardous, dead and dying trees
  • Herbicide application and weed control including Japanese Knotweed
  • Third-party works outside boundary fences
  • Emergency response works
  • Tree and shrub planting
  • Chipping and mulching
  • Vegetation survey
  • Ecological surveys



Case Studies

  • Bury St Edmunds - Image 1 Bury St Edmunds - Image 2

    Bury St Edmunds

    Vegetation Management Case Study

    QTS were asked by Network Rail Ely Delivery Unit to supply specialist RRV units to deal with problematic vegetation during a...

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  • Reactive Works, West Coast Mainline - Image 1 Reactive Works, West Coast Mainline - Image 2

    Reactive Works, West Coast Mainline

    Vegetation Management Case Study

    Following an incident on the West Coast Mainline on the 20th July 2022, QTS received a call from the Euston Works Delivery Un...

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  • Ayr Line 1 - Image 1 Ayr Line 1 - Image 2

    Ayr Line 1

    Vegetation Management Case Study

    This project was part of Network Rails High Priority works commissioned by the works delivery unit. The track chipper was acc...

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  • Ayr Line 3 - Image 1 Ayr Line 3 - Image 2

    Ayr Line 3

    Vegetation Management Case Study

    QTS were contracted by Network Rails Works Delivery Unit to carry out the de-vegetation of the line as a high priority. There...

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  • Cowlairs Triangle - Image 1 Cowlairs Triangle - Image 2

    Cowlairs Triangle

    Vegetation Management Case Study

    QTS were contracted by Network Rails Work Delivery Unit to carry out vegetation clearance on the line. The purpose of the wor...

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